A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Petoo's purpose is a visual novel about Petoo and her friend Cloo, wanting to join the famous robot academy.

Help Petoo take the right decisions, and enjoy cheesy & cute characters on the way!

The story was written to be enjoyable by children too! So share the love!

  •  All the assets except the font is homemade!
  •  Made for Clockwork GameShell but runs on anything that runs Love2D!
  •  5 different endings!
  •  A secret epilogue awaits!
  •  Font used from https://arcade.itch.io/mr-junker-msx

Install instructions


Place the .love file in your GameShell via SSH or SD Card transfer to ~/games/Love2D then run the game via Love2D's menu!


petoo.love (GameShell) 5 MB
petoo_desktop.zip (Windows / Desktop) 9 MB

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